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200653 FENOPLAST Repair Kit


Operating instructions

FENOPLAST repair kit

Applied to dry, clean and degreased surface profile. Has properties that approximate to PVC, is plastoelastichnym and contains antioxidant Sorbex.

Mixing ratio:

1. Small scratches - 1 part by weight of the liquid and powder 2 parts by weight.

2. Holes (erroneous drilling small fault locations) - 1 part by weight of the liquid and powder 3-4 parts by weight.

Solidification of the material within 5-10 minutes at room temperature.

3. Longer processing large pouring property - 1 part by weight of the powder and 1 part by weight of liquid.

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200653 FENOPLAST Repair Kit (ref. 200653)

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Composition FENOPLAST:

1. Component A 50 g of liquid

2. Component 100 g powder

Please refer to the technical data sheet product!

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